Revolutionary Marketing Network Known for Tripling Revenues for Companies in One Year Expands to Montana

Laurel (June  10, 2013) – A multi-award-winning network of marketing and business-growth specialists is bringing a new brand of marketing to Montana. One that consistently returns 2 to 10 times higher ROI than typical marketing and advertising methods used today.

The Power Hook Program, brainchild of marketing expert, Diego Rodriguez of Boise Idaho, USA, has gained a reputation for rocketing companies, in more than 350 industries, to the top of their local markets by using scientific methodologies and systems to completely change their marketing paradigm.

The rapid success of the program within these companies spurred Rodriguez to expand Bottom Line Profits™ into new territories, and thus The Bottom Line Profits Consultants Network (PMCN) was born.

Within an astonishingly short time—just over 6 months—the PMCN has itself rocketed to #1 in the industry, becoming the largest and most successful international association of professional marketing agencies in the world.

Rodriguez attributes this rapid growth to the unique synergy among PMCN members—something that is unheard of in an industry known for its highly competitive nature.

Unlike other marketing organizations, PMCN members are not competing agencies. On the contrary, they all share best practices, and resources, often work shoulder-to-shoulder on a virtual basis, participate in continual masterminds, and have all been trained to use the proprietary Bottom Line Profits™TM.

This synergy allows PMCN clients to have dozens of top marketers, around the world, working on their behalf, rather than one or two people in a traditional agency.

“The benefit to the client,” said Rodriguez, “is that they can now tap into a worldwide network of professional marketers and business growth strategists for a fraction of what it would cost to hire a marketing director.

The members of the network, which currently spans seven countries, include

  • Best-selling business authors
  • Award-winning copywriters and marketers (including the 2013 GKIC marketer of the year)
  • Website development, video and SEO experts
  • Promotional merchandise specialists
  • Business Growth Strategists

Kammy Thurman,  CEO  of Anchor Marketing in Laurel, MT said, “For a lot of business owners, marketing and advertising have become a complicated, fragmented (not to mention time-consuming) process—one that often becomes frustrating, expensive, and that ultimately does not produce the intended results, .

“I look forward to combining our company’s 26-year track-record in copywriting, marketing and sales with the revolutionary concepts behind The Power Hook Program to solve this issue. Now companies that don’t have a million-dollar marketing budget have access to a complete, cohesive and strategic system based on solid, tangible results and a guaranteed return on investment.”

As a way to introduce this new marketing paradigm to Montana, Anchor Marketing is giving away a complimentary audio program entitled, Total Domination: How to Become #1 Company in Your Local Market Using Bottom Line Profits™ . This  professionally-produced CD set explains  how businesses can  dominate their local industries and realistically increase annual income by 2-3 times, including:

  • The 2 common mistakes 99% of businesses make that cause marketing results to plummet
  • Why most businesses are forced into price wars and how to, instead, get prospects to conclude, “I’d have to be an absolute fool to do business with anyone but you, regardless of price.”
  • How the proprietary Key Messaging Platform™ propels 4 – 10 times higher results than traditional marketing and advertising
  • 3 evaluations that take marketing campaigns from lackluster to breakthrough
  • How to create a streamlined sales process that boosts closing rates 20%… 30%… 50% or more

To receive a complimentary copy of Total Dominance, companies are invited to email or visit


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Kammy Thurman is a professional copywriter/marketing consultant with 26 years of marketing and sales experience. For 10 years she was the highest-selling travel consultant in the largest agency in her state. For the last 15 years she has been helping travel publishers and companies of all sizes sell their products and services online and offline through results-driven sales writing and marketing strategy. To learn how Kammy and her team at Anchor Marketing can help you catapult your business to the top of your local industry, get their groundbreaking audio program, Total Dominance, at

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