Our Marketing Process

Clients often like to know what process we use to tackle a marketing campaign, or overall program. Though it varies greatly from one client to the next, depending on size and purpose of the project (building a one-off campaign vs. developing an entire marketing program), here is a general run-down of how we develop and carry out the marketing process:

  1. We gather as many background materials as possible about the product or service, the business, the competition and the market. This will include past promotions (both online and offline), brochures, all website URLS, customer feedback, competitors’ promos, etc.
  2. Using this information, we perform an initial Marketing Convervsion Audit of your past and current marketing efforts—based on the 5 principles of our Key Messaging Platform™—to determine how well they’re performing for your business
  3. We perform an in-depth, 36-point, Marketing Audit, covering 7 areas of the business: (Takes approx. 2 hours, and all decision-makers should be in attendance either in person, or via conference call)
      • Background—includes any information needed on your business, products and/or services in addition to the marketing materials we’ve already collected
      • Defining your target market
      • The benefits your business/products/services offer your target market
      • Any objections that would cause someone to not want to do business with you
      • An analysis of your competition
      • The questions people should be asking that they don’t know to ask
      • The questions most frequently asked by your prospects and customers
  4. We study all the information above in-depth to create a Marketing Audit Report, which distills piles of research into a convenient printout of between 2 and 20 or so single-spaced pages.
  5. Using this report, we will research potential areas in which to build marketing leverage based on our trademark Bottom Line Profits™™ and include recommendations for:
      • Business Innovation
      • Key Messaging Platform™
      • Lead Generation and Capture Systems
      • Lead Nurture Funnels
      • Sales Conversion Processes
      • Client Maximization Programs
      • Campaign Analysis/Optimization
  6. Once an approach is approved by the client, we develop a marketing plan and calendar to schedule various campaigns, as well as an editorial calendar for content development and distribution. This development phase takes 60-90 days depending on complexity of the program.
  7. After this initial phase launches, we move into a monthly business-growth program for one year.
  8. Each month we analyze results and report them to the client, making adjustments as needed to take advantage of the best-performing strategies. Each year, we’ll review the program with the client and amend as necessary to continue consistent growth.

This approach has been proven to catapult businesses to the top of their local markets. To get started on your high-impact marketing program, contact Anchor Marketing now to schedule a Marketing Profitability Audit.