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Increase Tourism Marketing Results with Retargeting

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Paid Traffic ImageDo you have a truly OPTIMIZED web strategy — a Sales System that WORKS — to maximize immediate average purchase value while simultaneously reducing overall acquisition costs?

That’s where I can help.

As a direct-response copywriter and paid traffic and email marketing specialist, I help clients architect advertising systems that bring them MORE customers, that are MORE valuable and come back MORE often … all while spending LESS to acquire them. For instance, we’ll look at tactics like:

  • One change you can make to your sales funnels to instantly get more leads and customers. (Hint: It has NOTHING to do with your ad, your headline, your landing page, or your copy.)
  • The right way to use coupons and discounts in your funnels that works for both online and offline companies
  • How to de-commoditize your offers
  • The 3 little words that can be added to the back of any conversion funnel that’s been responsible for bumping average profit per customer by 200%
  • The exact “copy and paste” sentence to use in your retargeting campaigns to get your hottest prospects to click your ad and return to your offers…
  • The 3 step traffic SYSTEM that automates relationship building and turns cold prospects into brand evangelists… 
  • How to know which advertising channels to focus on for your company…and which ones you should probably “backburner”…
  • The exact bidding strategies for your unique situation that will maximize your leads while lowering your costs…

From strategy to follow-up to reactivation (all supported by consistent, powerful messaging throughout), my team and I will not only deliver fresh leads and customers to your company … we’ll deliver them at a PROFIT.