You want fast, accurate, and above all selling copy for your ecom site and marketing campaigns.

You just found it.

I’m a skilled direct-response ecommerce copywriter with a thorough knowledge of which words sell and which words don’t. I’ll deliver, on time and with polish.

What’s more, I can help turn up the heat on your sales with tactics like:

  • Building excitement while reducing buyer’s remorse and refund rates with a solid pre-arrival email sequence
  • My top 5 tricks for writing highly profitable ecommerce emails
  • The #1 mistake to AVOID when writing product descriptions, and the top 7 product description best practices that will help make your products more compelling & desirable to visitors
  • The “discount ladder” and how to use it properly in your email sequences to boost sales & revenue…while keeping your average order value as high as possible
  • The 3 critical elements you need to create a compelling brand persona and story that resonates with today’s shoppers
  • A “win-back campaign” and how to use it to increase return visits & repeat purchases
  • And that’s just for starters …

From first touch to purchase to reactivation, my copy will help deliver more leads, customers and repeat buyers to your company … at a profit.

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