DM - Ecomm Certification Small


You want fast, accurate, and above all selling copy for your ecom site and marketing campaigns.

You just found it.

I’m an accomplished catalog and ecommerce copywriter with a thorough knowledge of which words sell and which words don’t. I’ll deliver, on time and with polish.

What’s more…

As a certified ecommerce marketing specialist I understand how to optimize sites and conversion funnels to generate more sales and profit — including ecomm store design and architecture, email marketing funnels, and traffic generation  — bringing you MORE customers, that are MORE valuable and come back MORE often … all while spending LESS to acquire them.

I can do the same for you. If your sales are running lukewarm, let’s turn up the heat with tactics like:

  • Building excitement while reducing buyer’s remorse and refund rates with a solid pre-arrival email sequence
  • Structuring your shopping cart and checkout pages to minimize cart abandonment and maximize revenue
  • My top 5 tricks for writing highly profitable ecommerce emails
  • The #1 mistake to AVOID when writing product descriptions, and the top 7 product description best practices that will help make your products more compelling & desirable to visitors
  • The “discount ladder” and how to use it properly in your email sequences to boost sales & revenue…while keeping your average order value as high as possible
  • The 3 critical elements you need to create a compelling brand persona and story that resonates with today’s shoppers
  • A “win-back campaign” and how to use it to increase return visits & repeat purchases
  • And that’s just for starters …

From first touch to purchase to reactivation (all supported by engaging, persuasive copy), I’ll not only deliver new and repeat customers to your store … I’ll deliver them at a PROFIT.

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